Accueil Non classé Download ((FULL)) Mapsource Canada Topo Basemap Patch

Download ((FULL)) Mapsource Canada Topo Basemap Patch



Download ((FULL)) Mapsource Canada Topo Basemap Patch topo-trekmap-italia-italy-v5-pro-261c


Download Mapsource Canada Topo Basemap Patch
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Now take each data CD and copy entire contents of data into respective folders You should have all of Alaska in the Alaska folder and so on.

When the error pops up, I hit OK and it shuts down MapSource immediately I then can’t even run MapSource successfully, because when I do it immediately tries to open the US Topo East map again and I get the error before I can change to a different map.. —————— So of course I have been to the Garmin website and installed the US Topo Basemap patch and I still get the same error.. Can anyone please help! I found this on another forum and it worked for me You can load all the maps onto your computer and not have to insert the CDs.. If I re-install the software, I can then view the West, AK, and HI But I keep getting the error if I try to view US Topo East.

———————————————————————————- I’ll tell you how I did it.. Go down to Garmin and click + sign in front of Garmin – this will expand the list 8.. I installed Garmin MapSource US Topo onto my PC and I’m getting an error when I try to view the US Topo East in MapSource.. On F drive I created a folder named ‘Garmin topo’ without the quotes Inside of this folder I created four additional folders sans quotes, ‘Alaska’ ‘Hawaii’ ‘East’ ‘West’ – ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL you write down exactly where you created these folders.. 00 and is MapSource Canada would be This tutorial instructs you how to open the maps you’ve downloaded or purchased in Mapsource.


The US Topo West, Alaska, and Hawaii all work fine Here’s the error I get: —————— App: MapSource At: 1/1/2007 1:52:09 PM (UTC) OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Processor: Intel Processor Level: 15, RAM: 2095196 TDB_REGIONDIR.. Very important to do this first –> Install Garmin Topo per their instructions.

Copy the entire contents of each topo data CD to a separate directories In my case I have a hard drive with letter F.. Strongly suggest that you backup the registry BEFORE changing anything Start button, click Run, type REGEDIT, click OK.. Be warned you have to edit the registry Way back when I found the info you are looking for here.. Click + sign in front of HKEY LOCAL MACHINE – this will expand the list 6 Go down Software and click + sign in front of Software – this will expand the list 7.. MapSource™ Canada MetroGuide with Roads & Recreation The Canada Enhanced Basemap reviewed here is version 2.. How To Open Maps In MapSource In Mapsource For instance, on my computer it would be – F: Garmin topo East F: Garmin topo West F: Garmin topo Hawaii F: Garmin topo Alaska Do NOT trust your memory – write it down on paper 3.. Here is the spot you edit the registry and don’t email me if you screw up the registry because you are on your own here.. HPP-144-6 11 6 0 Language ID: 1033 Part Number: 006-A0041-00 Build Type: Release Extra: Please install the US Topo Basemap patch available on the Garmin website. 5ebbf469cd


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